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Our talented baristas can pretty much make any drink under the sun to your heart’s desire. We have soy, almond and coconut milk as well as sugar free options available upon request, as well as other common coffee house options that you may like. So go ahead…challenge us to make the best tasting drink you’ve ever smacked your lips on!

general info

We try to keep things fairly simple, but every coffee house has their own lingo. We offer 3 sizes for hot beverages: small- 12oz, tall- 16oz and large- 24oz; and 2 sizes for cold beverages: tall- 16oz and large- 24oz. Any of our drinks can be ordered hot, over ice or frozen (like a milkshake, some call it “frappe”). We also offer ceramic mugs to those who choose to enjoy their beverage in our shop; this option is best because it allows the drink to conserve it’s true flavor and temperature as you enjoy it!

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Here at LynMarie’s, we shout to the world that we offer local, homemade taste. All of our baked delights, ice cream, chocolates, cheesecake, soup and salads are made by the talented people right here in our area. Once you taste these goodies, you’ll never go back to the other stuff!