coffee, sisterhood, and how to have a latté fun with your daily brew

about our coffee
Our coffee is out of this world. This is attributed to a great amount of time and energy invested into coming up with our own unique coffee blends and recipes that are one of a kind. Since we aren’t affiliated with any sort of franchise (and never plan to…power to the small business world!) we have the flexibility and opportunity to always offer the best. Although we don’t roast our own coffee, the people who do are superlative, and they are equally as passionate about coffee as we are.

All of our coffee is roasted in Brecksville, Ohio, by a small family owned coffee company called Caruso’s Coffee. Not only do we love their small business and family dynamic, but their passion for coffee! How fresh is your beverage you ask? For espresso based drinks, we do not grind beans used until the moment a drink is ordered. For our house coffee, we grind and brew small batches every few hours and store in top of the line air-pots to ensure freshness and quality. Not only are our beans freshly ground, but they’re freshly roasted. We place orders to Caruso’s for our coffee beans once a week. Our beans are roasted specifically for our shop, the day our order is placed. The following day they are delivered to our shop fresh. This means that the coffee in the beverages you enjoy in our shop were simply seeds from a coffee tree days before! We take pride in our shops’ quality and freshness, especially when the average grocery store sells coffee that not only has been sitting on the shelf for months, but was roasted months before that! So if you’re wondering why our coffee tastes exceptionally fresh, it’s because it is!

Our pastries and other baked goodies are also extremely yummy. We don’t do any baking in our shop, instead we have a few ladies in town who do it all…we’re talking super-secret old time recipes for scones and cinnamon rolls and muffins that people literally drive miles and miles to taste. We really are blessed because we have stumbled upon some wonderful people who all aide in making our little shop simply delectable.