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4 things to do in your home to beat those ‘winter blues’

It seems as though the winter season in Ohio so far has been colder and more snow filled than in year’s past- don’t you think?  Even though the snow is beautiful and we’ve been enjoying all of the fun that comes along with it, I’m already starting to get anxious for spring to begin.  It’s funny because you would not believe how many people I hear this from who come into the coffee shop.  Pretty much everyone around here is ready for spring.  Buuuut as we all know, we’ve got a solid 2 more months … [Read more...]

diy: simple accordion brag book

Let’s talk photo displays.  In my home, I have a huge display of wedding photos on my living room wall (these frames are all different sizes and hung in a collage; it seriously takes up the entire wall).  Then I have another huge collage on another wall that leads upstairs with various photos of the kids.  I try to keep these mostly newborn photos, as well as one photo of each child per year.  Finally I have more photos of the kids hanging in my little sitting nook/ dining area, which I swap out … [Read more...]

diy: pottery barn look alike autumn branches

Yay for autumn!! This is by far my most favorite season of the year; I mean come on the gorgeous leaves, the cooler temps, football, sweaters and pumpkin lattés?!! …love love love. With the autumn season here, my glue gun and scissors are busy just about every day with some sort of little “project” to add to either the shop’s décor, or to my home. I’m all about doing things as inexpensive as possible, but as tasteful as possible…so naturally as I flip through the pages of my fall issue of … [Read more...]

How to take photos like a pro (sort of) using the camera on your phone

Don’t we all LOVE photographs?  I’m going to admit it…I have them hung all over my home and I have multiple multiple holes in the walls to prove it (sorry hunny).  Life is SO short, so for me capturing every milestone and moment (big or small) is important.  If my husband and checkbook would allow for it, I would hire a professional photographer every month as well as holidays.  But as much as I may dream, unfortunately for me (and I’m guessing many of you too) this isn’t something that’s ever … [Read more...]

DIY: back to school teacher gift

You know that Mom crying in the school parking lot on the first day of school?  Yes, that would be me.  My son Reid started his very first day of preschool last week, and I was a mess.  Any mother reading this post surely can relate.  It’s incredibly hard to let our little ones go.  I was SO worried about my little guy and him “being brave” on that first day, as well as making friends, getting to the potty alright, having socks on that “feel comfortable” (good grief does anyone else deal with … [Read more...]