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DIY: ‘dinner table question cards’ jar

  'Tis the season for gift giving, friends!  Homemade, heartfelt gifts are my favorite this time of year…especially if they are the type of gift that keeps on giving. I don’t know about you, but when my little family gathers together for dinner, it is usually my most favorite time of the day.  It’s a time for us to relax, laugh, tell stories and catch up on the day’s ups and downs, not to mention that it is good for our spirit, brain and health.  I’m blessed because I have … [Read more...]

Christmas in the Kitchen

Happy Wednesday, friends!  I hope you’re all cherishing these last few weeks (or, dare I say days?) before the Holiday madness begins.  We’ve had our tree up and decorated for almost a week now, and it feels so warm and fuzzy in the house.  I wish there was a way to make these days last a little longer. One room I always try to decorate during this time of year is my kitchen.  It sounds kinds funny, but I truly spend most of my time here, so to sprinkle it with holiday cheer is always kind of … [Read more...]

diy: large tissue paper flowers

Hi friends!  Gah!  Sorry it has taken me soooo long to get this post up.  I made these flowers for LM's store front windows over a month ago and I'm SO happy that so many of you enjoy their beauty.  Steph and I adore dreaming up little projects and ideas, and creating things for our shop- it's the little things in life that we truly believe can brighten someone's day! Okay so this is what I did to create these beauts.  I ended up creating my own pattern and technique because I couldn't find … [Read more...]

just in time for mother’s day

We've got 4 perrrrfect little gifts for your special Momma this Mother's Day.  ...because seriously, Momma's and coffee go together like peas and carrots, haha. 1:  a cute little gift card made especially for Mom worth one free 16oz. drink.....$3.75 2: a bag of our freshly roasted Mother's Day blend flavored coffee, named "Moms morning blend" - a delightful Mother's Day blend of cinnamon and buttery coffee cake crumbles perfectly suitable to grace Mama's morning mug. 1/4 lb. is … [Read more...]

4 things to do in your home to beat those ‘winter blues’

It seems as though the winter season in Ohio so far has been colder and more snow filled than in year’s past- don’t you think?  Even though the snow is beautiful and we’ve been enjoying all of the fun that comes along with it, I’m already starting to get anxious for spring to begin.  It’s funny because you would not believe how many people I hear this from who come into the coffee shop.  Pretty much everyone around here is ready for spring.  Buuuut as we all know, we’ve got a solid 2 more months … [Read more...]