coffee, sisterhood, and how to have a latté fun with your daily brew

diy: large tissue paper flowers

Hi friends!  Gah!  Sorry it has taken me soooo long to get this post up.  I made these flowers for LM's store front windows over a month ago and I'm SO happy that so many of you enjoy their beauty.  Steph and I adore dreaming up little projects and ideas, and creating things for our shop- it's the little things in life that we truly believe can brighten someone's day! Okay so this is what I did to create these beauts.  I ended up creating my own pattern and technique because I couldn't find … [Read more...]

diy: pottery barn look alike autumn branches

Yay for autumn!! This is by far my most favorite season of the year; I mean come on the gorgeous leaves, the cooler temps, football, sweaters and pumpkin lattés?!! …love love love. With the autumn season here, my glue gun and scissors are busy just about every day with some sort of little “project” to add to either the shop’s décor, or to my home. I’m all about doing things as inexpensive as possible, but as tasteful as possible…so naturally as I flip through the pages of my fall issue of … [Read more...]