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Eeeeek!!  I can’t tell you guys how happy my sister and I, as well as the rest of the LM staff, are for this adorable couple and their beautiful marriage.

Last Friday evening on September 20th 2013, our lovely barista Jocelyn had plans to marry her best friend, Justin, in an outdoor ceremony in a park within our little town.  Due to severe thunderstorms in the forecast, plans had to change.

Now let me give you a little insight on Jocelyn.  She’s one of people that’s very shy when you first meet her…but once you get to know her, you realize that she’s quite witty and super laid back about life.  That’s why when she and Justin got engaged only eight weeks ago (yaaa…seriously!) it came to no surprise to me that she was going to plan a quick wedding.  That’s just the way she is.  She has known that Justin is “the one” for quite some time, and she didn’t want to make a big fuss over the all the details and most of the cliché things brides do.  She just wanted to marry her best friend.

On the day of Jocelyn and Justin’s wedding, the weather report was every bride’s worst nightmare; severe thunderstorms. So, when she came into the shop that morning, I thought that she FOR SURE would be stressed to the max.  I mean who wouldn’t be fretting about what to do with an outdoor ceremony and reception with that kind of forecast?  But to be honest, I only saw the tiniest inkling of worry in her eyes, if that.  She came into the shop, took a look around, and asked if my sister and I could do her a big favor and allow her to have her wedding ceremony in the shop.  Wowza!!  What a perfectly perfect idea that I hadn’t even thought of; the décor matched her autumn theme, and the space was ideal for a wedding.  Of course my sister and I were all for the idea, and completely ignored her plan of just “moving some chairs around” and started brainstorming.  We had 7 hours to come up with a plan, and one hour to transform our place from a coffee shop, to a wedding ceremony.

Everything turned out flawless (it even ended up being sunny during the ceremony- go figure).  Jocelyn looked absolutely stunning in her white, untraditional sheer and flowy gown, and Justin equally as handsome in his plaid tie, grey vest and jeans.  Their children, Jaide and Logan, even played a part by scattering leaves and holding a sign that read, Hey Daddy here comes Mommy!  They exchanged rings and vows at the shop’s middle window, which was draped in sheer fabric and adorned with colorful mums, branches, pumpkins and lite candles.

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The reception was held in a tent at Jocelyn’s Mom and Dad’s home, and was complete with delicious food, booze, an awesome cookie bar and lots of little touches that made the whole evening feel magical.

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Congrats to Jocelyn and Justin!!

Love really does conquer all.


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  1. This whole post just warms my heart to the core– how perfect did everything work out! Love & SUCH a sweet setting for nuptials.

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