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Clearly this is the ONLY drink I want to blog about this week!  Ahhh Goooo Eaglessss!  And a huge congrats to the Lady Eagle Volleyball team on being District Champs!  I can’t express enough HOW proud I am of our community and all of the hard work and dedication that’s put into our volleyball program.  My husband and I weren’t able to make it to the game last week (both children were sick and I was working at the shop for another barista who was also sick) but we had plenty of updates from our family and friends who were at the game throughout the evening (seriously, we were sitting in silence in our living room, phones in hand, waiting for score by score texts of the big game- it was awesome!)


When we received the text that we had won, a picture of my son Reid came to mind that I think sums up how our entire community felt after such a big win.  It’s not of him screaming, or jumping or yelling (although we all did plenty of that) but a picture of him humbly smiling and looking thankful.  Thankful because we never give up, thankful because a teeny tiny village and community can feel bigger than all the rest, and thankful for big hearts that believe in what most say is impossible.

So, this week I present to you a drink that I am sure you are all familiar with, The Eaglelicious


This is by far our most popular drink.  I’m sure the name has a little something to do with it, but seriously guys how can you go wrong with white chocolate and swirls of caramel?  It’s amazing and if you have never ever tried this one you are just plain old silly.

Xoxo, and we will see you at the game on Thursday!


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