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Espresso con Leche


Espresso con Leche:  Espresso topped with a dollop of steamed crème and dusting of cocoa powder


With this drink, I am going to start from the top.  Have you ever tried an espresso?  You know, that really strong, dark coffee you see fancy Italians drink from tiny demitasse cups?

Espresso was created in Milan, Italy around the year 1900; it is a very concentrated coffee, produced by shooting steam through dark roasted beans that are ground to a very fine coffee powder.  A good “shot” of espresso will have a reddish-brown foam on top called “crema”.   A shot of espresso is the basis for many popular coffee drinks such as a latté, mocha or cappuccino.  You know that big shiny machine we have in the shop?  That’s used to “pull” or make these shots of espresso for all of those lovely lattés and mochas you enjoy.  Most of these drinks contain just a double shot of espresso; so yes…it’s strong stuff.

Espresso con Leche…it just sounds cool, right?  This is definitely a drink to sip and enjoy in a glass or demitasse (anything but a paper cup, seriously) when you need a lift because it’s robust stuff.  Although very strong, the dollop of steamed crème and dusting of cocoa powder on top gives the espresso just the right amount of sweetness.  This drink is one that you can find on our ‘Cosmopolitan’ menu, for those who want to try things a little more unique and diverse.   I definitely wouldn’t classify myself as a super diverse coffee drinker, but I can honestly say that I quite enjoyed the espresso con leche, and I think many of you will too.

Yay for espresso!


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  1. Well reading this post just makes me want to try this one too! :)

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