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The Sparky! a White Cake Mocha

Hi my fellow coffee loves!  We had a big big blog post yesterday!  My lovely sister posted some sweet sweet pics of little Emie!  Isn’t she THE CUTEST?!!  Ugh, she certainly has caused a bit of baby fever in my heart.

Ok so I have been meaning to start posting more about all of our delishhhh drinks at the shop.  So, I am making it my mission to share a new drink with you every week… a what’s in “My Morning Mug” post if you will.   Who knows, maybe you’ll be brave and try something new?!  Trust me I am a creature of habit too…but I am never ever disappointed when I do happen to steer away from my usual iced hazelnut lattés.


So yesterday morning, I decided to whip up a Sparky Mocha.  Although not an official member of our chalk board menus in the shop yet (I am currently working on the new ones where it is most definitely included), it is one of our most popular mochas.  Why?  It tastes JUST like white cake.  We make this baby with a double shot of our espresso, vanilla, almond, white chocolate and steamed milk.  Of course we then top it with fluffy whipped cream and sprinkles which makes it even more delectable.

The absolute best part about this drink though, is the name.  Many times when we celebrate, we eat delicious cake; this drink celebrates the life of local fallen hero, Jason Sparks.  Upon graduating high school from Monroeville in 2003, Jason enlisted in the U.S. Army.  His life will always be celebrated, as Jason was a remarkable person who dedicated his life to the betterment of our community and our country.  Jason was a really great guy that my sister and I had the honor of attending high school with, and our hope is that people think of him and celebrate the amazing, brave life that he lived while they enjoy this drink.  I know personally, I can’t help but smile every time someone orders a Sparky.


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  1. Thank you so much for making my morning.

  2. Seriously how have I never heard of this!? MUST try tomorrow!!

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