coffee, sisterhood, and how to have a latté fun with your daily brew

the lyn: a cinnamon roll latte

Hi friends!  Can you believe it's already the middle of November?!  I really don't know where the time goes!  ...this weekend we will be busy at the shop decking the halls with all of our festive gear!  Ahhh with this colder weather and early snow I think we may go a little over board, which is totally a good thing, don't you think?!  Anyways, the month of November is really dear to my heart because on November 20th 2008, we finally opened our doors at the coffee shop.  I will NEVER forget that … [Read more...]

diy: simple accordion brag book

Let’s talk photo displays.  In my home, I have a huge display of wedding photos on my living room wall (these frames are all different sizes and hung in a collage; it seriously takes up the entire wall).  Then I have another huge collage on another wall that leads upstairs with various photos of the kids.  I try to keep these mostly newborn photos, as well as one photo of each child per year.  Finally I have more photos of the kids hanging in my little sitting nook/ dining area, which I swap out … [Read more...]


Clearly this is the ONLY drink I want to blog about this week!  Ahhh Goooo Eaglessss!  And a huge congrats to the Lady Eagle Volleyball team on being District Champs!  I can’t express enough HOW proud I am of our community and all of the hard work and dedication that’s put into our volleyball program.  My husband and I weren’t able to make it to the game last week (both children were sick and I was working at the shop for another barista who was also sick) but we had plenty of updates from our … [Read more...]

Espresso con Leche

  Espresso con Leche:  Espresso topped with a dollop of steamed crème and dusting of cocoa powder With this drink, I am going to start from the top.  Have you ever tried an espresso?  You know, that really strong, dark coffee you see fancy Italians drink from tiny demitasse cups? Espresso was created in Milan, Italy around the year 1900; it is a very concentrated coffee, produced by shooting steam through dark roasted beans that are ground to a very fine coffee powder.  A good … [Read more...]

The Sparky! a White Cake Mocha

Hi my fellow coffee loves!  We had a big big blog post yesterday!  My lovely sister posted some sweet sweet pics of little Emie!  Isn’t she THE CUTEST?!!  Ugh, she certainly has caused a bit of baby fever in my heart. Ok so I have been meaning to start posting more about all of our delishhhh drinks at the shop.  So, I am making it my mission to share a new drink with you every week… a what’s in "My Morning Mug” post if you will.   Who knows, maybe you’ll be brave and try something new?!  … [Read more...]